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Recent " Dear Network" messages.


"Private person" status and the Kingdom #100.1

Dear Network,

A question was asked on one of the groups "Private person status. ( can't a person be taken off like a coat?) " 

We address the idea and status of a "person" as a legal term in our chapter on Republics and Holy Matrimony.

Yes a person is a fiction and God is no respecter of persons. But we should not fear the term but understand it.

People think they can overcome the world by overcoming their status as a person or even recinding it.

You may denounce the "person" "dis-own it" and "waive" all rights to its benefit.... but if there is debt the Pharaoh will pursue you....  Why do you think they want you in debt? Why has God warned us against debt? You are not a Sabbath keeper if you are in debt.

Moses knew This trap of debt and person. This was the bondage in Egypt. But God gave him the Plan and helped him get the Pharaoh to agree they could go... Unless the powers of the world lets you go then why would God intervene.... God has already told us if we elect a king/ruler over us he will not hear us...

We have strayed a long way from the kingdom... we have not been diligent... most of us do not even know what to do.... We have to change as a people. We have to change as individuals... We have to create the bonds of love in a society based on righteousness. Just throwing off the old man is not enough. We must become God's Children be repenting - turning around - and seeking the kingdom and his righteousness.

The problem is not the bankers, constructive contracts, the Jews, the democrats, the Masons or any other conspiring Cabal. Do not war against them for our kingdom is not of their world nor of their ways...

"For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness, and unrighteousness
of men, who suppress the truth by unrighteousness." Romans 1:18 NAS

They are not the problem anyway. The problem is us. We have lost sight of the way. We have not been seeking the kingdom nor the righteousness of God.

Just discovering the evil conspiracy by some men of the world can become our "new religion" to cling to and embrace and our hate of it certainly is a distraction. We can not find salvation merely by hating those people of the world who conspire to enslave us.

These email groups on the Living Network are your opportunity to began to find one another and network. All of you will have to change to some degree from what you have become. Seeking the kingdom and the righteousness of God should be our focus.... that means creating a network based on love...

God so loved the "world" that He gave His son that they might be saved. The word there for world meant the system of men. God does not love the system but all those trapped in it. But we must repent.... we must change.

There are good people in the world who will also repent. This is why Christ says resist not evil. He does not want us to set ourselves against the person but to stand for righteousness.

We cannot make the world do what is right ...without becoming a tyrant and a beast...   But we can choose to do what is right.  The world will be shaken and we with it.... there will be plagues like in Egypt . We must stand on the solid ground of the righteousness of Christ.

The government of th world will let you go .... when that happens the greatest threat will be starvation from exclusion from their benefits, stores, gas stations etc.... those who are not "persons" in their system will not have access to their system...but fear cannot be our motivation any more than hate.

It is not your status in the world that should concern us but our status in the kingdom...

The web site jumped in visits by about 65%. More people joined the Kingdom newsletter and some joined the network. This is undoubtedly because of the article on NewsWithViews.com. I will be on Agenda 21 show Tuesday and will try to schedule more shows to bring more people to the network groups.

Welcome them.

Meet them.

Network with them.

Form congregations of record,

Be patient, Be giving, be caring... Be what Christ said to be.

If you cannot do these things you have no chance in defeating or overcoming the evil of the world.\ and you will have no treasure in the kingdom. The treasure in the kingdom are althose persons who repent and seek the kingdom of God and His righteousness with their whole heart mind and soul.

Follow up

I know that some people fear the term person but if you understand it and why we use terms like Personal Contact Minister you will began to realize that the concept of person in itself is not the problem but how it is applied.

Person is an office and a term of the civil law. Civil law is the law men make for themselves. That law could be oppressive or not.

You could elect leaders who are persons and who can rule over you and make laws for you and drag you into debt or you can create offices that can do none of those things.

This is the Kingdom and the Church which is the government servants of the people. The Church appointed by Christ comes to serve. The ministers are the public servants of the people who maintain all their rights because they exercise their responsibilities with dilligence and love.

These servants are truly titular as all the leaders of a pure republic.

A personal contact minister is exactly that ... you can change your choice any time you wish... He is a personal representative for you who can serve according to his conscience. He cannot make treaties for you, borrow money for you or make laws for you. Like a coat you can take him off at will.

This is the essence of a pure republic.This is the Kingdom of God.





Pure Religion
What is it and who does it?


I also sent them the article as it appeared in the Kingdom Newsletter.

Are Christians idiots or are they trapped in a false doctrine that has been creeping into their thinking for hundreds of years?
The article Are Christians Idiots went out today and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.
Find out why these responses come back saying:

"Dear brother, this was excellent and so very timely."
"Then I saw your article posted on Newswithviews.com. What a confirmation!"

" Good to see you're back, especially with an outstanding article ... I'm going to use it to challenge the 200 evangelical leader..."
"your article today is a superb concise summary of the whole shebang. It distills everything to its basic essence. I love it."
"Amen! Brother...well stated!"
Are Christians Idiots?
Was Acts 4:13 saying that Peter and John were "unlearned and ignorant"?
Was the original text telling us something very different?

Was there something unique about the early Christians which Modern Christians have forgotten?

Find out for yourself.

Are Christians Idiots


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Seek the liberty which we have in Christ Jesus.

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