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The Unseen System: A solution for our times.


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The Unseen System:

A solution for our times.


There is a lot of talk these days concerning freedom and liberty, rights and responsibility. The rights of man have been a major topic of concern throughout the ages and will continue to be matter of interest in the future. The history of mankind is laced with tyrants and emancipators, despots, and redeemers.

But what is freedom?

What is liberty?

Is it the right to do whatever we want or the right to do what we should do?

And who has the right to decide what you should do?

Freedom allows us to make mistakes and pay for the consequences.
It also allows us to be free or give away our freedom and to bind ourselves into servitude for a perceived benefit.

Many have heard the famous quote of Johann W. Goethe, "None are so hopelessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free." Yet, most people still imagine themselves to be free even when evidence is overwhelming to the contrary. Is the world free today? Is the United States a free country? To even ask such a question raises discord and opposition from amongst the people. But what is the answer? What is the Truth?

There is no real difficulty in enslaving an entire population. Just how to do it is well documented throughout history. Although the lesson is hard to learn and easily forgotten. It takes more humility than pride.

"Augustus [Caesar] was sensible that mankind is governed by names; nor was he deceived in his expectation, that the senate and people would submit to slavery, provided they were respectfully assured that they still enjoyed their ancient freedom."1

Anyone of middle age or more should know from memory alone that the world has changed and is changing. The controlling power of government in the world has grown and is ever expanding. This is not a new phenomena, but an age old problem.

Is the solution to the worlds problems more government authority or less?

Should we spend our life endlessly fixing government as generations before?

Is controlling the government the answer or is that the problem? Is controlling ourselves the thing that needs to be addressed?

Can the solution be found in a completely different kind of system?

What would that be? What could that be?

Could there be a system of self-government not taught in modern institutions?

Is there a system older than any government commonly known today?

Is there a system with a track record of freedom and liberty unsurpassed throughout history?

Is there a system unconquerable by tyrants and totalitarians, disasters or cataclysm?

A system of self government indomitable to all except our own pride, selfishness, and apathy?

If such a system did exist why would it still not dominate our world?

Is there a flaw in such a system? Or is the flaw in man himself?

There is such a system of government, well recorded in history, operating for thousands of years, under the perfect law of liberty. It is a system not for the timid, nor for the selfish and slothful. It is a system that requires constant vigilance and cultivated virtue, copious pains and continuing probity.

Yet, it is a system so simple that a child can show you how it works.

It is our intention to show the details of this system,

Its history.

Its application.

How it can be applied in every day life right now.

How it can be expanded day by day.

How it can supplant tyranny with freedom and oppression with liberty.

Is this possible?


What is the catch?

The price!

What do we charge?


What will it cost you?

It will cost you your delusions!

Your vanity! Your sloth! Your avarice! Your ire!

The Truth can be expensive.

This system of liberty, this path of the ancients, requires that you embrace the truth, that you give up vice, cultivate virtue and of course you must be willing to look at all things anew.

We promise you a unique look at your own history, law, government and even religion and the Bible. I assure you we will be controversial in revealing facts that few wanted you to ever know.

We will share with you facts and sources and uncommon reasons and unorthodox insights.

Are we right or are we wrong?

You be the judge. And God will be your judge.

What do we ask of you?

We ask you to forward these messages to as many people as you can. Give them a chance to agree or disagree, receive or reject.

We offer nothing but the truth and our humble services in search of Liberty. The rest is up to you.

If we are wrong show us. If we are right embrace the truth and live by it. For only the truth shall set you free.

Prepare to turn your world upside down.

We will share these messages over a period of time.

We hope you stay with us and invite more to join or subscribe at the Kingdom News List.

We have an extensive website for research and study and to stimulate and enlighten. It has search engines, an outline page, and much more to come.

It, like the kingdom of God, is always under construction.... always and forever.

1 The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, Chapter IV, part I

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