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Dear Network

Not forsaking the gathering together

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More Signs in the Sun #100.7

Dear Network,

I have been watching the sun for over 5 decades. Jesus told me to. [Luke 21:25 ] There were many  aurora displays at the time of Christ that were seen in low latitudes which were followed by earthquakes and eventually volcanic eruptions.

A CME hit Earth's magnetic field on Oct. 24th at approximately 1800 UT. According to the Goddard Space Weather Lab, the impact caused a strong compression of Earth's magnetic field, allowing solar wind to penetrate all the way down to geosynchronous orbit for a brief period. Earth-orbiting spacecraft could have been directly exposed to solar wind plasma during that time which undoubtedly will corrode both spacecraft equipment and pipelines shortening their life.
This was a relatively small CME from a fairly inactive solar max to date but Kp levels were steadily high and  auroras were visible down to Georgia.

Inactivity could allow for a mega flare as pressures in the sun continue to rise. The earth core charge certainly will continue to rise with these hits. 

Some people on the network have been worried about the Federal  Reserve printing FRNs like they are going out of style.

They are going out of style... Just ask most other countries who are using them just so they are not hit by the financial tsunami that would occur if the US dollar collapsed. Don't worry about it too  much because  when the presses stop the Federal Reserve will be the last thing you will be worried about.  What will stop the presses? 

For those of you who are not aware a mega flare that hits the earth as this minor flare did could easily knock out all power on one side of the earth for 6 months or more. Mega flares can often be followed by several other flares directly behind them.  So the question is not if they will hit but when. The world is not prepared for such a natural disaster. 

In 1850 when a mega flare hit the earth telegraph wires melted. Had we been reliant on electrical power in those days the economy would have come to a screeching halt. Production would have stopped.

Much of the world is now reliant upon the generation of electrical power for every essential element of our present social economic structures. Every aspect of production and food preservation is entirely dependent on electricity and the flow of fuel. Besides electricity  and communications we also know that gas and oil pipelines  are also heavily affected by these events and have counter-current safeguards built into their construction. But they have not been engineered for these mega flares. If there was a national blackout every nuclear power plant in the affected area would be in danger of going the way of Fukushima.

How are you doing on seed saving.


We have a large amount of sweet meat squash this year produced from our own seeds. We are sharing them with people in this valley and the next encouraging them to save the seed. We will be saving seed by the thousands. We have also saved thousands of onion seeds this year and we hope to share them with locals and other congregations of record throughout the living network of kingdom seekers...

The kingdom of heaven at hand  was always reliant upon the power of loving one another in a viable network of righteousness seekers. The independence and self-reliance of early Christians w ere  promoted by their unwillingness to pray to the men who called themselves benefactors and ruled in those other governments which exercised authority  one over the other. Christianity in its true form draws self-reliant, independent doers who care about the moral imperatives of the ten commandments through the exercise of the two foundational commandments of Christ.

You are the treasure of the kingdom. Do not forsake the gathering together. If you have not begun to gather together with others who are seeking the love and righteousness of the Father then you have not started the survival training required in this world or the one to come, in this life or the next.

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"Dear Network # 40"

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I also sent them the article as it appeared in the Kingdom Newsletter.

Are Christians idiots or are they trapped in a false doctrine that has been creeping into their thinking for hundreds of years?
The article Are Christians Idiots went out today and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.
Find out why these responses come back saying:

"Dear brother, this was excellent and so very timely."
"Then I saw your article posted on Newswithviews.com. What a confirmation!"

" Good to see you're back, especially with an outstanding article ... I'm going to use it to challenge the 200 evangelical leader..."
"your article today is a superb concise summary of the whole shebang. It distills everything to its basic essence. I love it."
"Amen! Brother...well stated!"
Are Christians Idiots?
Was Acts 4:13 saying that Peter and John were "unlearned and ignorant"?
Was the original text telling us something very different?

Was there something unique about the early Christians which Modern Christians have forgotten?

Find out for yourself.

Are Christians Idiots


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