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The Living Network

Be the Network

Not forsaking the gathering together

Recent " Dear Network" messages.


Climbing the mountain together...

Dear Seekers and Doers of the word,
Climbing the mountain

I have climbed mountains 14000+ feet by myself but it is not always a good idea to go it alone.
Climbing as a team can be safer but it requires team work. It requires that you think about and expend effort for others and not just for yourself. It requires that you do your part with other people in mind.

This is the same way with seeking the kingdom. It is an individual effort made with others in mind.

The kingdom is composed of individuals gathered together in free assembly in the form of congregations of testimony.

It is a form of congregationalism,  "a system of Christian doctrines and ecclesiastical government in which each congregation is self-governing and maintains bonds of faith with other similar local congregations."       

The church appointed by Christ is a body of men and women who are dedicated to the service of those free congregations. The combination of these two elements of God's kingdom is key to the hope of Christ's plan for mankind.

Selfishness has brought the world to the judgment of our times. Unselfishness according to the "name" of Christ, which is found in the blood he shed unselfishly for others, is our salvation

There are several people across the country that do not seem to want to work through the living network we are striving to form but are either choosing to be isolated individuals or they wish to form groups of their own but yet still want our assistance.

To be honest I am, and I know others are too, spread very thin as it is now and probably will have to slight those who support this work of preaching and teaching the gospel of the kingdom to accommodate all of those who seek our assistance.

We do not charge for our assistance and services. The books are free online. the thousands of hours of service given all across the network... are all freely given like bread cast upon the waters.

We share what we can but those who work building a network of unselfish service will be first to receive our assistance.

Like the men given 1, 2 and 3 talents in the parable of Christ, those who do  the most with what they are given will receive more. Those who do nothing will receive the same, little of nothing.

There is an abundance of information freely given on the web site that you will not find other places but most of what we could share is only shared with those who we see working and sacrificing for others as Christ worked and sacrificed for us.

There is a precept of the kingdom we truly believe in. Freely give and freely receive.

How do you give?

Become a part of a living network.

Be there for those who are near you.

Those who you know. Those who you shall come to know.

Participate in electing those who volunteer to do the work and service of the kingdom.

Those who seek to connect you with other doers and seekers.

Help those who volunteer to help you.

The kingdom of heaven "does not come through observation".

We all need to become doers of the word. There are people joining the network.

They seek to know what to do next, what can be done.

Come together, work together, share the load of finding others who are seeking the ways of the Lord.

Use the email networks to create living networks by making contact.

If you do not have time for others, who will have time for you?

The PCMs who volunteer and have the patience to continue the work can assist the whole network when they work together.

Many of the PCMs and Ministers of Record are working together. They have been meeting and training each other. They have been studying and working to make the network viable. They are getting things done working together. If you want to be a part then you need to reach out.

You need to be a doer.

That is what Christ said to be.

We are here to serve the seekers and doers of the word. Those who do not work should not eat.

"For even when we were with you, this we commanded you, that if any would not work, neither should he eat."

2 Thessalonians 3:10



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Seek the liberty which we have in Christ Jesus.

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