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The Living Network

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Not forsaking the gathering together

Recent " Dear Network" messages.


Breathing life into the Extended network

Dear Network

Mostly Dead

There was a blizzard last night in this high desert valley where we are in the middle of  lambing.

My sons brought in several new born lambs and there mothers into the small barn until the lambs get acclimated to life on the high desert.

Evidently just after they checked the sheep one young ewe had a lamb. When it hit the snow and the wind hit it the lamb and it began to freeze. The inexperienced mother did not work fast enough to clean the and when I checked the sheep before sun up less than an hour had lapsed.

I saw the lamb from up the hill behind a tractor wheel looking dead and lifeless. 

Then I saw a leg slightly move.

I dashed down but when I went to pick her up she was covered with a sheet of ice and her ears were literally frozen stiff like icicles.

Her wool and skin everywhere was solid ice.

I grabbed it up and ran for the house. 

I immersed the lamb in steaming hot water. A five gallon bucket works the best.

Holding the nose and mouth just above the water the body temperature began to warm.

After several minutes she began to show some small signs of life.

I rapped her in old towels and set the lamb on the warm rocks by the woodstove.

I ran out and found another ewe that had just given birth during the night and milked out her colostrum. I poured it into a syringe and ran a tube down into the belly of the lamb and squirted the mother's milk into her.

And then there was life.....

By 9 o'clock she was standing up and bahhhing for more.



Where there is life there is hope but some times you have to work at it.

Life in the world today some times seems hopeless.

We often feel frozen to the ground where no one cares.

Some times things may seem hopeless but if we warm them up with a little love for others, nourish them with the milk of human kindness things that were dead may live again, including ourselves.

I see some of the Personal Contact Ministers [PCMs] on the living network and others among us went or are going to a number of meetings, including The Black Robe Regiment, Tea Party Groups and a preparedness expo. and a seed conferences, etc...

I know some have joined other networking  groups and I am sure there are many on this network who have connections all over.

We have a page where everyone on the groups can join other networks and we should increase that list.


These people thinking out of the box and are  often closer to us than they may know. They are a gold mind of believers and as things melt down many will see what we can offer and we may discover what they can offer.

If you are going to any network events or meetings from Tea Parties to Expos we should see lots of notices on the local group in advance and follow up reports to the local groups about the positive things we learn and do at those gatherings.

Share information about who you met and what you saw, did or discovered.

These His Church Living Network groups are about networking and networking is about sharing.

Any thing of value we hear on the PCM group should be shared and passed on to the local groups by the PCMs.

I know many of you are talking directly to each other and arranging things but it is important to let those on the groups who are still watching and waiting on the fence know that they are missing out and that they too can get involved with something more than just an  email group.

Let us seek the kingdom by seeking to find others seeking the kingdom and the righteousness of God.

If we can get people to come to some of these events and meet up there with others we may began to develop better relationships and trust which we will need.

We can also have more good news events ourselves...

So I encourage all of you talk up the idea of connecting to other networks on your local group...

We have lots of people who sit and think that they cannot do anything....

We need to show them that we can do something if we will breath a little life back into someone else.

And we should be have fun doing it.

Like Bob Holstrum use to say... "If your not having fun you aint doing it right."


Peace on your house

Gregory at hisholychurch.org

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Seek the liberty which we have in Christ Jesus.

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