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The Living Network

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Not forsaking the gathering together

Recent " Dear Network" messages.


The Kingdom #102

Dear Network,

This week a story was shared on the network by Paul at His Church at Cape Cod about how GMO's [Genetically Modified Organisms] are changing the food supply of Americans. Many farmers, ranchers and herdsmen are reporting that their livestock are losing their ability to reproduce and many are actually dying as a direct result of the introduction of GMO produced foods added to the animal's diet. Americans have already been eating GMO produced foods for years and maybe creating irreversible harm to their children and their environment.

This is just the tip of the iceberg in a self-inflicted plague that will affect generations to come.

We can do much to counteract and prevent the damage that is inevitable.

On the living network people are creating the opportunity to change their food supply back to more wholesome and healthy factors and well being by sharing seeds, garden ideas and crop resources.

Those who remain only on the email network because they hesitate to build a living network are missing out on the solution because they are failing to be a part of it.

A second story was mentioned.

The Georgia Guidestones call for the elimination of over six billion people to establish a "perpetual balance with nature" to "Leave room for nature — Leave room for nature."

Those mysterious stones and those who erected them in 1980 are trying to use an old trick of  sorcerers and their governments.

"As it is written, so shall it be done."  Ramses II in Cecil B. De Mille's 1956 film classic "The Ten Commandments".

What we need to do to counter the efforts of those who want to take life by giving dominion of nature over man is to let God write His plan/law on our hearts and minds and act upon that plan taking back the responsibility given by God of dominion over nature and "dress it and keep it".

One of the first steps in that direction is to stop trying to rule over one another and allow our neighbor to be free souls under God by forgiving debt and setting them free.

To do this we must learn to take back the responsibility of actively and efficiently networking in free congregations of minutemen for Christ and His purposes of serving, feeding and loving one another in the exercise of pure religion.

This begs the question: Why are you not building a living network by picking contact points or ministers [PCMs] that keep you connected with others on a living network of caring people?

Ask on your groups how you can pick a Personal Contact Minister.

The Structure of Relationships

There has been some discussion on the network over the last few months between those who see structure as important and those who think that relationships are the key.

The Bible talks extensively about both.

Relationships are the mortar that hold the stones of the Church together.

A sack of mortar is not a building and a pile of stones is not a church.

Jesus was teaching, directing and appointing His Church built by men with access to divine revelation. I have spent a life time laying out what I believe is His Plan for His Church in the kingdom of God appointed to men who really want to walk with Christ.

I may be wrong and you can certainly show me where if you want to try.

If we cannot come to accord then you are free to seek and find another boat to row or ask a crew to go with you. We created these groups with a common goal and purpose and direction.

If you want to edify the kingdom, overcome the wicked and build His Church you must bring and apply both the mortar and stones according to the plan of God.


The Plan:

The kingdom is not bound by contracts and covenants with each other but the virtue and service of Christ.

The world, on the other hand compacts, centralizes and binds. The kingdom of God multiplies, distributes, and sets free.

The people seeking the kingdom begin to gather in His Name/Character with fruit of His  Spirit which "is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith,  Meekness, temperance: against such there is no law."

His Holy Spirit cannot be drained or depleted. We are either fighting it, rejecting it or receiving it.

If you are easily drained then you are probably out of step with the Holy Spirit.

The people who are seeking the spirit of God, His kingdom and righteousness, like the Church that serves them, begin by two or more people, free or bond, congregating in a free assembly and bearing witnesses that they choose to recognize someone as a minister of Christ and entrusts them with a free will offering that they desire to give to God for Christ's purposes.

That is everyman ministering to his neighbor in a network of love.

By this act and witness two things are established.

A ministry and a trust.

 That minister and trustee then recognizes a member as servant of God who is seeking to do what Christ required and appointed. This individual serves as a titular overseer of that relationship and structure.

Why? Because someone must govern the record of the consanguinity of the relationship so that the world has something physical to see.

The minister/trustee can ask the men of the "world" who call themselves benefactors like Caesar or there high priests or they can ask those men who seek to be the benefactors of Christ according to the righteousness of God and the perfect law of liberty.

Each of you have to decide what you want to be a part of and work with that choice. The choice is yours.

A question was asked this week on the network "Does anyone know about CAFR?"

Claude in Australia wrote:

"Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports... Walter Burien discovered these accounts several years ago ... still remains a bit of a mystery as to "exactly" what the CAFR Accounts are ...

I studied the CAFR thing back between 2003-2008 to try and make sense of it all, but heading toward the kingdom alleviates any need to pursue such avenues..."

I agree...

For this claim of a relationship of Christ's "minister and trustee" of a sacred purpose trust to be continuously recognized as the truth, the minister as trustee must provide a "Comprehensive Annual Financial Report" to its overseer and make knowledge of it available to its recognized congregantes.


Keep Records

Records are the corner markers of the ministry of everyman who seeks the kingdom. Those who will not keep records are not bearing witness nor are they providing covertures to his community. Taking the time to make the record of God's government takes diligence and courage; the steadfast hand of the workers who hold the plow in God's kingdom.

All this depends on the Eucharist of Christ which is the free thanksgiving of the people who are willing to give freely without binding their neighbors. They must be willing to set their neighbors free if they seek to be free themselves.

How do you tell the body of Christ from the body of the adversary?

The overseer you seek should not be one man but a body of men holding all proper responsibilities in common.

They should have no personal estate but they should belong to God. They must not be seeking benefits from any other ruler other than the Lord. They should be totally and exclusively Christ's servants.

One will be endeavoring to establish the Corban of the world by exercising authority and the other will be seeking to provide the Corban of Christ by the perfect law of liberty and love.


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Seek the liberty which we have in Christ Jesus.

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