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Not forsaking the gathering together

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Networking for His Plan #104

Dear Network,

The Network is working for those who work at networking.

Someone on the network in trying to understand our message about the kingdom wrote:

"If you would emphasize more on the sinful nature of men than on signed contracts, your writings would be more efficient and hopeful...."

Our message is about the sinful nature of man which is the fact that men make covenants with the gods of the inhabitants where they live. They make these covenants because they desire benefits at the expense of their neighbor through benefactors who exercise authority one over the other. What you are saying about the sinful nature of men instead of contracts would be humorous if it was not at the root of the problem.

When I look at the list of sins given to us by God, confirmed by Jesus and repeated by Paul I see that we are not to make covenant, agreements or applications with or to any other god or the fathers of the earth who would then have power to make choices for us. Once you understand who these gods many Paul talks about are and that they are merely the ruling judges and fathers of the earth who can rule over you and tell you what you can do or not do, what you can have or get and what you can keep and have to give up, then a new understanding may awaken in us.

So there is a list of things that have always been classified as sin that is done daily by modern religionists and we have not even got into usury and bearing false witness, taking the LORD's name in vain. By the way taking the name of the LORD in vain is like you saying you love Jesus but you do not want to do what He says nor do you want to do things how He says.

The first reaction by many is to go into denial. With all the evidence we see in history and the Bible, denial is usually pride or fear based. Fear and pride are the mother and father of anger.

"An angry man stirreth up strife, and a furious man aboundeth in transgression." Proverbs 29:22

Humility and love will produce a different fruit. Pity for the tyrants and sacrifice for the innocent we find ourselves trying to free. In other words we will forgive and love our enemy and we will sacrifice ourselves for others so that they may be free - even if we cannot.

This of course is what we see in the case of Moses and Jesus Christ who found the people in similar bondage where what was supposed to be for their welfare had become a snare. Jesus did not start with come out but repent. Both Jesus and Moses said love thy neighbor as thy self.

These men had a plan and they knew if people were going to be free they would need to learn the perfect law of liberty. The truth is liberty under God doesn't mean doing whatever you want but doing whatever God wants. Being able to do what God wants by right is the kingdom or dominion of God.

To do God's will in spirit and truth brings us into double-peace with God. God wants us to be free to do righteousness. If we are to be free that is where we must start. We must do righteousness according to the ways of God.

Most of that righteousness has to do with how we relate to our fellow man. That is what religion is. Religion wasn't and really isn't about what you want to think about God. It is how we fulfill our duty to God and our fellow man. And of course that would fit right in with Pure religion which is doing it unspotted by the world.

So if you read the links attached to these critical words you now know that many of the things the modern Church has been saying is okay to do was and is and probably will always be sin and Jesus did not come so you could sin but to get you to turn away from the ways of sin. If you believe who Jesus is but you do not want to turn from sin then you are now in the same category or status of the man of sin and Satan himself.

For those of you who do not want to repent but want to think you are saved this truth is probably a real downer but then again it was a downer for the Pharisees too.

If the truth is inconvenient or you cannot handle it then you may balk at receiving it. You may want to go back to the ministers who talk about sinful nature of man but never tell you what those sins are. I mean they will tell you some o them to keep you occupied but they are not going to tell you the whole truth because then they would have to stop sinning themselves. Besides it is bad for business to tell you the truth when you are pretty sure it is going to hurt and even drive good paying Christians away from your church.

Of course even if you are not saved now and are still wilfully living in a system of sin, you can be saved. All you have to do is repent, turn around, and start seeing the kingdom of God and His righteousness.

That kingdom is one of brotherly love and forgiveness where you take care of the needy in your midst by faith, hope, and charity. I don't mean that "token" charity that you see in the modern Church but real "give till it hurts" charity. In such a society there would be little need for pwrsonal insurance much less state run welfare. It the days when America was still rising to become a great nation that was the case.

Of course you should give wisely and fruitfully in a way that strengthens the poor. That is where you must start, knowing full well that your destination will be a society where all benefits and welfare are also the result of charity and not compelled offerings. While this country used to take care of the needs of the people, that is a far cry from what people do today.

All I am doing is connecting the dots and if you are willing to see those sins we do every day for what they are there is all kinds of hope because Christ gave us the solution. You just have to seek the God of heaven's solution and His righteousness. You will not find it or get there accept by His grace but if you do not repent, turn around, and head back to His ways then you have not really accepted Christ.

First you need ministers who will honestly tell you the way, the nature of Christ and His way and show you that way with diligence and faith no matter what it costs him personally.

The contracts you have made with the ruling judges of the world and fathers of the earth are sin and evidence of sin and the opposite of the way Christ said to go.

You may have lacked some knowledge but you have not gotten here because you were entirely ignorant. You were willing to seek benefit at your neighbor's expense from men who exercise authority one over the other. You did not mind coveting your neighbor's goods through the agency of government to get those benefits as long as you called it something else other than coveting.

Even now when people know the government is bankrupt and there is no money for social welfare benefits because the government is operating in debt people still want their benefits. They say "I paid in! I have a right to receive those benefits."

The problem is that you invested in a treasury and the minister of that treasury who spent it all and ran the treasury into debt. Now when you apply for benefits you curse/condemn your children and neighbor's children to a life of debt and bondage under the authority of those men who call themselves benefactors but exercise authority one over the other.

"And he said unto them, The kings of the Gentiles exercise lordship over them; and they that exercise authority upon them are called benefactors. But ye shall not be so:" Luke 22:25

It will take a miracle to save you now but miracles are what God does best. The devil keeps telling you that you only have to think a thought or imagine you have accepted Jesus and meanwhile he is taking the world to hell in a hand bag.

If you want to find the solution it is not in breaking and rescinding contracts, destituting your family, failing to meet your obligations to your fellow man. It is about following Christ.

He came to serve, to save, to forgive and to give. That is what you have to do and you have to come together to do that.

You have to start coming together in the name of Christ and take care of the needy of those who gather with you. You have to be willing to give to take care of the needy of those who try to go this way and then others who have not really heard this message of charity and love in the real world but instead only the forcing of contributions.



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