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Dear Network, Doers of the word # 69


Not everyone can see the kingdom nature of the Church appointed by Christ.

It is simply either to far for them to leap or it has not been given them to understand.

So how do we introduce the kingdom in our local community?

Do we go and tell them everything we have learned, shattering and accusing them with our first introduction to the gospel of the kingdom or can we approach their slumber with more compassion.

"By this shall all [men] know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another." John 13:35 

If we are loving and cautious in our approach to God's garden we will give the people an opportunity to grow toward the kingdom rather than bludgeon them with a doctrine to different  or two much for them to receive all at once.

Does your local community see your local group as loving one another and the community or does it merely see rebellious malcontents.

When we first discover the deception and delusion their is a temptation to judge and be angry. That would be a mistake. If we see the kingdom it is by God's grace not our own cleverness.

So how do we approach or preach the kingdom to those asleep?

If you look at the history of the people who might be classified as the "faithful" you will discover a virtuous society that maintained itself according to certain precepts. You will find some of those precepts repeated or revealed in practices that can be seen and recognized in modern activities.

You will certainly see the precepts of virtue such as patience, charity, forgiveness, humility etc which translates into numerous traits and practices.

There is often a more independent approach to thinking and life in general. This means that kingdom people are often self starters, good managers, strong families and family values, peacemakers, willing to look at their own faults rather than blame others, honestly examines problem and finds unique solutions.

Family values will often lead them to practices like homeschooling or at least private schools with family involvement.

Every congregation should be interested in promoting homeschooling, not only for themselves but for the community as a whole.

Congregations would get involved in local homschooling groups and could find themselves leaders in their community in that area.

They would preach the kingdom by their service to the families of the community.

Health would be important not only for yourself but for others. You might even become a doctor or nurse believing that modern medicine provides a service.

Kingdom thinking might lead you to have a more open mind about diet and health.

Doctor Marcola has an article about vegetarianism and his own errors and discoveries that is a perfect example of moving toward the kingdom and kingdom thinking.

He openly admits he was wrong and was willing to change.

I was impressed with the video "Food Matters" and purchased them in bulk with the agreement not to sell them less than their asking price on the net. I can sell them with no postage at that price which will save you money.

Congregations can have showings of  this film or share it from their congregation library as a community service. People interested in health for others are displaying kingdom principles.


There are other projects that can work in outreaching in the community to bring more people into Kingdom projects and spread the gospel by doing the word.



Sent: Thursday, September 09, 2010 8:41 AM
Subject: Re: BE Doers of the word # 69.1 Seed Saviors

Dear Network

In message 69 we talked about small steps like Home-teaching as an activity within the support of a congregation of record that can be promoted in your local community. Such charitable and worthwhile projects can spark an interest in bible studies  that could bring more people to your local congregation and the network of the kingdom. It is a great example of faith and charity in action when you assist parents in the teaching of their own children.

Together as even a small congregation you can exercise influence and offer direction that will help community seek kingdom.

Volunteerism in the local community would be important in making these small steps toward a larger vision of the Kingdom. Therefore assisting at coops and farmer markets can promote community and kingdom and also help you find those souls who are looking or beginning to look for true kingdom fellowship.

Someone who joined our Network in Australia who is originally from Austria told me about seed savers in Iowa.

I am not in Iowa but some of you are.

Seed savers are already creating a networking seed bank. These people have some of the precepts of the kingdom and are already doers.

Rather than hit them with religious philosophies we should be involved in what they are doing. Rather than create our own seed bank from scratch we can become a part of their efforts.

We can learn from them and give witness to the charity of the kingdom by participating in this common effort. This is being in the world and bearing witness while being true doers.

Don't just read these emails but reach out and get involved. Let the rest of the network know what you learn and do. Encourage others to participate.

We know the kingdom is not merely for those who talk or think but for those who are doers.

Those who devote full time to these efforts should be supported by others in the network and this will help you bring about congregations of record which will be needed to form a true kingdom network.

Seedsavers Exchange in Iowa

Workshop where you can learn and bring back that information to the Kingdom Network.

People who have a wealth of experience and are already sharing.

I believe they are looking for another director.

Seed Savers Exchange Executive Director

As a network one of us may volunteer to help but as a congregation and network of loving congregation we should and could support those volunteers in the community.

 By promoting Seed Saving we may be a part of a system that will save millions of lives. The knowledge and skills can be passed on for generations to come as well as creating a source for seeds that will be invaluable.

It will take an effort of love to make it happen....These types of efforts could go a long way to introducing the gospel of the kingdom. The Kingdom of God was a superior system that required superior people of forgiveness and giving.



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