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Dear Network

Not forsaking the gathering together

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Dear Network,

God is love and the life he gives is that love. # 70

In the beginning man was created in the image of God who breathed life into him. His spiritual and physical DNA was designed by God after God's own character

Man was given dominion over the garden and that which lived in the garden and was told to dress it and keep it.

In the garden there was a warning about the tree of knowledge of good and evil and the tree of life. One we could eat from and the other we could not eat of without serious repercussions.

It was in God's "character" or nature that we should be given choice.

If we ate of the tree of life then God the Father was the source and the standard by which we lived.

We could walk with Him but he was not yet in us.

The tree of knowledge was supposed to make us gods according to the subtle deceiver.

By eating of that fruit we could create our own standard by which to live but we had to have an alternative source for our life because we cannot eat of both trees.

Man has created an alternate form of love that is reciprocating which has no infinite source. It is about taking and receiving within a closed system.

Until man returns to God and the tree of life he may imagine that he knows God's love, and he will remain deceived by his own "knowledge of good and evil."

How do we know if we love God or merely an image of God created in our own mind?

We know there is a form of love that is not the love of God but is a man made love.

Jesus talked about sinners loving one another and said they already had their reward.

John talked about God dwelling in us if we had that love and to have that love we needed to be born of God.

Is your love  like the power as Timothy relates it to a "spirit not of fear"?

Paul talks about love "fulfilling the law" and the "law being spiritual".

Christ seemed to alter the laws of physics with the power of His love performing miracles.

When Christ loves His enemy it is like hot coals, but when He loves those who love him it is a healing warmth and strength.

Do you love those who like you, respect you, cater and caress to you, fondle and fill your desires, admire you, comfort you?

What happens when you love your enemy?

Can you love your enemy? Have you ever loved your enemy?

Or is the only love you know the love of sinners?

Is your love all about what you want, desire, find pleasure in or is it about what God wants, desires and finds pleasing?

Is your congregation gathering to make themselves feel good by conforming to forms and fancies, rules and rituals?

Is your love one of mutual back scratching?

Is your love that reciprocating love of prostitutes and whores?

Or is your love like a rock of faith, unshaken, steady, constant, peaceful, patient, invulnerable to the willful whims and whining of others as well as the wickedness and whips of your world?

If you cannot love your enemy with peace in your heart, then you are not ready to be Christ's disciple.

You simply are not in accord with Christ.

You do not have the tools to do the job required of you.

If you are addicted to anger, or hooked on hate, fettered by fear annoyed by anxiety then you are still very much a part of the world and pretending to enter Christ's house will not take you out of the "world".

In fact if you are addicted to anything of the world then you are part of the world.

We can help you with freeing you from these bonds too, but it may take some hands on training and a lot more repentance.





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Seek the liberty which we have in Christ Jesus. [10]

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