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Not forsaking the gathering together

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Early Notice and Private People #95.5

Dear Network,

The early Church was considered a secret society by some of the Emperors. They mistrusted the Christians not only because they were different, did not apply for benefits from the Roman welfare system and they were well disciplined and independent society in the heart of the Roman Empire and gaining popular support amongst barbarians, but also because the inner workings of their society were very private.

There charity and presence, their "union and discipline" was admired and praised but how and where they all were was an internal matter. This was partly because of the periodic persecutions but partly the result of the "personal nature" of their congregations and the way they networked as a separate government.

Unlike central governments organized by contracts enforced by the policy powers of lawmakers and the ruling elite, the early Christian's focus was on each other, through care and love for one another. Their connection was a common faith in Christ and what He said to do rather than some theological doctrines created by men. The network of ministers was the same as it had been for thousands of years in Israel and other nations but the unique Spirit of loving your neighbor as yourself was restored in the love of Christ for us and therefore us for each other.

Christianity was practical. It attended to the "weightier matters" through faith, hope and charity which is love. It did this during very hard times when most of society had become overly dependent on their governments and the centralized power of Rome which became more socialist and dependent on forced contributions to support the growing welfare state. The parallels were uncanny. From free bread to universal health care, from excessive debt, to a corruption of the money supply with base metals the order of Rome and the path of world order today will spell the same fate.

The Christians were doing something else. Their love of Christ, their seeking His Way, their attention to the weightier matters, their faith in selfless action in their own communities produced a flexible and enduring society that sustained them when all else failed. They were a network of love that offered mutual assurance in an unsure time of decay and decline. We need to learn and do what they did, what the early Church was doing and we can only learn that by doing it too.

Love is a skill. Forgiveness is an art. They must be practiced daily, for they are the breath and blood of Christ which is the Eucharist of the Kingdom of God which is at hand.

Living Network Newsletter

The Living Network Newsletter will be very important to keep you a part of that "union" that sustained the early Church. We will be sharing time sensitive information with people through the Network by way of the Living Network Newsletter. Only active members who have elected an active Personal Contact Minister [PCM] will receive the Living Network Newsletter because you sign up for it when you fill out the election form.

"Dear Network" messages will become less important to the whole system while the Living Network Newsletter can be sent out through metering software. The Living Network Newsletter will give you advance notice of events, activities and articles that will be distributed through systems like NewsWithViews.com or messages that should go out as early as possible for your protection and convenience. It will contain answers to common questions that are arising in different parts of the network.

We will be making announcements in the Living Network Newsletter concerning many aspects of the early Church and how they will be essential in a life of liberty under Christ today in practicle ways:

    1. Network expansion
      • Congregation formation in local areas
      • Church growth through living conventions and connections
      • Retreat grounds and Spiritual refuge, national and local feasts
      • Faith Emergency store house and FEMA connections
    2. Health issues
      • Mutual assurance, local and national coverage.
      • Health and food remedies, blessed nurturing
      • Community economy and faithful Seed banks
      • Extension services and training, dressing and keeping
    3. Mutual Union and Discipline
      • Church Records by two or more witnesses
      • Protecting the born and unborn through love
      • Congregational ID by mutual testimony
      • The Perfect law of charity begets liberty
      • Minister training and seminars
    4. Participation and privilege
      • Eligibility for benefits is based on mutual love
      • Strengthening the poor in spirit by practicing what Christ preached
      • Striving for the kingdom and His righteousness
      • Lightening our burden by lightening the burden of others
    5. Ability to persevere until you see your local expression of the Kingdom of God. Ephesians 6:18
      • Reaching out as you would have others reach out to you.
      • The Utility of Love
      • The Power of Forgiveness
      • Seeking the Kingdom here or there or where?
      • Praying After this manner.

Announcements will only be sent out through the Living Network Newsletter

We must fast from our apathy and sloth. We must strive to come together in the Character of Christ.

Join the Living Network by choosing a personal Contact Minister

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A little email group history message #95 http://www.hisholychurch.org/network/dearnetwork95.php

From a little email group of love #95.2
Where is the Fruit

Where is the Fruit?

Reaching out and being a part of something more than yourself is the way of Christ and the early Church. It can be an expression of love for one another that facilitates true liberation while the opposite is true for those who are not networking.

Reaching out is evidence of love for others while failing to do so is evidence of indifference and apathy.

Everyone needs to choose a local Contact minister to help you and others on these groups and coming on daily to connect in a living network.

That is the purpose of these groups. That is the job of Contact minister to assist in that effort. Many are now doing that.

The whole network has grown many times over in a fraction of the time by applying this individual right and responsibility.

By each group sharing in the load so that the "burden is light"...

You must have a Personal Contact Minister [PCM]
You need to reach out and choose a Personal Contact Minister.

There are numerous Congregations of Record forming in different parts of the country and the whole network is growing every day.

More and more people are beginning to connect. Information about these groups and what they are doing for one another will be shared on the Living Network and between those groups directly.

The living Network must become a Loving Network if it is going to be blessed with the power of God.

As they participate and create the bonds of friendship and loyalty they will be helping the whole group develop momentum and growth in the blessings of Christ.


Whirlwind Tour

We are planning a "Whirlwind tour" across the country to bring more people together and began to cement those bonds of liberty and faith to the ways of a free society. Contact ministers from all over the country are participating in the process and planning. If you have not joined the network act now. Contact your local PCM and or Volunteer to be a PCM if you want to share in the gatherings taking place in March and April.

If you Fail to pick a PCM you will miss out on many of the messages because only people who have chosen a contact minister will get notices and be able to share most of the news and announcements.

Only people who choose an active contact minister will be able to get the Living Network newsletter.

Act now, don't delay. If you need help contact ministers on your local groups can help you.

Who are the Personal Contact Ministers
Some of the Local Contact Ministers 

"And when he saw a fig tree in the way, he came to it, and found nothing thereon, but leaves only, and said unto it, Let no fruit grow on thee henceforward for ever. And presently the fig tree withered away." Matthew 21:19 





A Statement on Charity

The Corban of the Pharisees
It made the word of God to none effect.
Is our Corban making the word of God to none effect today? 

The Nicolaitan who God hates?
Because they covet their neighbor's goods 

The Coercive and Non-Coercive Churches
Concerning what the "Church" is or should be and what it is not.

Audio On the Coercive Church
The Coercive Church BlogTalkRadio 29:10
The Coercive Church TalkShoeQandA 48:43

Call no man Father 
What was Christ trying to tell us about fathers on the earth?


Introduction audio to HHC


The Living Network Links

You cannot love your neighbor in truth if you do not know who he is.

Join the Living Network and become a part of the solution

Living Network Index page:

Find and Join theLocal Network
The American States and Canada

Find a local group World Map Locator:
Find a
local Living Network Group around the world

What is a Personal Contact Minister
What do they do?

How do I elect a Personal Contact Minister
Contact Minister Election Form

Who are the Personal Contact Ministers
Some of the Local Contact Ministers

Mapping the Network
A project of the chosen Contact Ministers

Guidelines and Purpose
The Living Network groups.

Dear Network Messages
Some messages to the Living Network groups.

The Real Network

Church Records


Congregations of the Church



Articles on Networking

Fractal Networking
When Jesus was preaching the Kingdom of God at hand He talked about a mustard seed that could grow by faith into a mighty tree providing life and shelter for all who seek its branches.

The Purpose and Guidelines of Local groups
"For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them." Matthew 18:20
The purpose of the network is to bring people together to seek the Kingdom of God and His righteousness.

The Audacity of Hope
There are numerous institutions that may be created based on faith, hope and charity that can aid us on the road to the Kingdom and the righteousness of God.



The Kingdom News go out over the network through out google groups. It is our primary email connection, but does not include the full access to detailed counseling and local assistance found in The Living Network which is established by forming the Network of tens.
---To get Newsletters and get connected go to: http://www.hisholychurch.org/stones.php



Seek the liberty which we have in Christ Jesus.

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