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CHRISTIANITY DERAILED/God's government #97-5

Good Morning Indiana,

I am forwarding a message from Gregory, which was in response to another response to Alex F. an HHC Pennsylvania personal contact minister (see the text of the that email below Gregory's email).

I want to throw in my two cents also.  The governments of man, like the State of Illinois or State of Iowa or State of the Union (the United States) has their "bureaucrats" or "public servants" (which are not truly servants but overlords).  The government of YHWH has "bureaucrats" or "public servants" that truly are elected servants of the people.  The "public servants" in the Kingdom of Heaven/God/YHWH can be removed from office without a recall petition, without waiting for the next election on the first Tuesday in November, as the patriarch of each family in the Kingdom/government of YHWH is a king, the head of the family and if his elected public servant is not doing a good job he/she elects a new public servant.

As long as people want to pigeon hole YHWH and His government as a government for only the dead then their only option is the governments man creates to rule over other men.

Our local congregation for His Church at Loess Hills (five families) has two elected public servants in the kingdom of YHWH.  A licensed minister of record, who licensed the minister?  The patriarchs of the families did when the minister of record was elected to his "public office" in YHWH's kingdom.  The second government official is our congregation's ekklesiastic notary, who is a "commissioned minister" for a specified duration of time, six months.  Then a new church notary will be chosen and commissioned to serve a six month term.

It took over 40 years for YHWH to take the Egypt out of the Israelites and even with the Father and Creator of us all being there live and direct the Israelites still rebelled.  We must take the Egypt out of ourselves as a family of children seeking him. We help each other to unlearn all the lies and deception and become like little children again to learn His Ways and Path.

Scott at Loess Hills,

The following was written in response to the emails in this series that talked about removing PCMs from the list who are not doing the job they volunteered for. Some one commented "i have to say that the tone of this message is threatening, and i don't care for it. Is the Love of God and the brethren supported by threats, intimations of being cut off, and whinging about lack of "teamwork"? Is this the "Ekklesia" you wish to be a part of? "

What was written above was sent as a message to the local Network by a Minister of Record.

Dear Network,

I sent the dear network message which was addressed to the Contact ministers group and the network and forwarded by Alex.

Personal Contact ministers are on the PCM group where most of the work is done. They are on that group because they have volunteered and have been elected to do a job. The Job is described  and if they do not do that job we can only assume they did not really volunteer or simply have changed their mind or are incapable of doing the job.

In any case we cannot in good conscience hold them up  and they will be removed from the PCM group and web pages. Many have been removed over the last year yet the numbers grow and the work is bearing fruit thanks to the effort of those who do the work they volunteered for. After ten years of waiting for some people to do what they said they would do we are now only working with doers of their word. Our numbers are up 500% in less than a year with more joining every day.

It is not a threat to keep our word and honor our agreements according to the terms laid down for PCMs... it is a pious duty.

We provide these groups and gathered these people to them and send these message for a purpose. We hold up men and women who offer to be PCMs because we believe they will do what they say. If they don't  do as they said then we stop holding them up as PCMs. If we did anything else then we would fail the people who have trust us.

Those who join these local network groups and do not seek one another, share info, try to network, meet and work to form congregations of record and communities do not see a fraction of the activity on the network nor do they benefit much from the network. No one has to remove them they have removed themselves already but not participating.

The kingdom of God cometh not with observation:

James 1:22  "But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves. For if any be a hearer of the word, and not a doer, he is like unto a man beholding his natural face in a glass"

We are told not to forsake the gathering together and the foolish virgins were warned because they did not trim their lamps and the general was told the wisdom of counting the cost... How can we really love one another with an email group.

We have this tour being planned to travel three 30 states to meet hundreds of people all over  the country to form a living network based on faith, hope and charity... we can only do that with people who sacrifice for others and care enough to show up and participate in the whole effort, not just for themselves but for others.

It is those doers of the word  who are laboring and working to form an alternative that we wish to be a part of. Not those who just come out [ekklesia] but those who offer an alternative to  those "men who call themselves benefactors but who exercise authority one over the other."

Everyone should choose a PCM or assistant PCM. Some should volunteer... others should elect them but all should work to expand the group with doers of the word who care about one another...

You cannot build the network or even mend the net through observations... and these groups are provided for networking...

Sorry for the misunderstanding.





March 2, 2011

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