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What is the best place to seek liberty under God? #98 .1

Dear Network,

The site that is called the "right of self determination" which charges to get access to their materials seems to also have some empty strategy than is more like the walk the plank mentality that has destroyed or devastated so many families over the last few decades.

Christ, Moses and Abraham all led many people out of bondage and they were able to survive plagues, famines, foreign armies and even the fall of Rome. None of the sites that were recently mentioned on the California group including the Family guardian come close to dealing with the reality of being free from a system that has so much control of the world we live in. In fact some of those sites are actually leading people into a lot of trouble.

While on the tour there were many people that have been looking for answers in many places. Some of those places are the wrong places and are full of half truths...

The plan for salvation in this world is laid out in the Bible but few understand it because they think the bible is about religion. Ministers have lost site of the gospel of the kingdom and have brought people under a strong delusion where they have been deceived... Others offer a way out and charge large sums for the proverbial silver bullet only to find out that they have shot themselves in the foot by following these to good to be true solutions for profit.

I gave several examples in Minnesota of the people who have offered solutions for a lot of money only to be uncovered as total liars and thieves. People still did not want to believe the truth. They preferred the lie and paid to hear the lie an and follow a strategy that simply was not true....

The Bible is about government... Good ones and bad ones.

You can decide which government you want to be a part of but it is up to you to be a part of the WAY.

The WAY, as they called in in the first century, is the only way to freedom.... Read the book Thy Kingdom Comes. You can study it so that you can began to understand how freedom works, what the path to freedom looks like.

How much do we charge?


It is not meant to tickle your ears. It is about the real answer which requires you to take back your responsibilities to yourself, your family, and your community...

You can't just yell fraud and nullify all that has been done before. There is an answer but it takes all possibilities and realities into consideration....

Stop following the fools of the earth, the false strategy of those who have not counted the cost.

“Or what king, going to make war against another king, sitteth not down first, and consulteth whether he be able with ten thousand to meet him that cometh against him with twenty thousand?” Luke 14:31

Your local PCM whom you must elect can tell you where to get free copies on line in PDF format. They are there to help you get in contact with others.

You have to elect them and they have to volunteer then if two or more elect them we add them to the PCM group and share more with them. I do not have the time to take each group through things step by step.

It will be up to you to build the network and eventually make that a living network not dependent on the internet.

There are people all over the country with all sorts of skills, tools, talents, land.... You need to start to network by showing your willingness to love others, serve other, help others... If you just want to be free we probably cannot help you because the plan we follow requires that you care about others and their rights as much as you care about your own rights, life, children, stuff etc.....

See Fraud or Not


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Seek the liberty which we have in Christ Jesus.

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