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Not forsaking the gathering together

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The Weightier Matters, and a Sudden Stop #98

Dear  Network

Jesus points out that the weightier matters to which the hypocrites and Pharisees should have attended to were "law, judgment, mercy, and faith". We need to also attend to those things.

Americans and people all over the world have given the authority to men to provide them with law, judgment, mercy, and have subjected themselves to those men of authority by allegiance, not faith.

The kingdom is about faith, not sworn allegiance.

Who has the character of Christ, the name of Christ written in their hearts? Who can come together with a desire to serve others as much as you would like to be served?

Who will take on the responsibility in hopes of obtaining the rights endowed by God from the beginning?

The whole world has gone back into bondage to men who seek power  over them, over their brothers, like Cain over Able... because they have created a system based on power and control instead of love and caring, righteousness and honor, men have become subjects, merchandise, surety for debt. The system and leaders they have chosen will betray them and fail them in their hour of need.

Some men still chase false gods, false religion, and binding doctrines rather than the weightier matters.

We have warned for years that events on the sun can devastate the mechanics of our modern society. Now even the world is beginning to warn the people of the possibilities of the sudden stop that could occur amongst the people of a planet who are totally unprepared for the events that are historically inevitable.

One mega flare from the sun like the one that hit the earth in 1859 could end life as you know it and plunge the world into darkness and famine.1

In a twinkling of an eye the most affluent people of the world can be made desperately poor. Never before in the history of man has mankind been so vulnerable to his own destruction. This real threat is becoming a more likely reality, but the governments of the world are doing little or nothing to help prepare the general population.

A simple and natural event could plunge the world into chaos and a devastating chain of events from which the world will not easily recover.

This does not need to be the case.

At least it does not have to be that way for everyone.

As the Israelites prepared for the plagues that hit Egypt so can men and women, communities and congregations prepare for the inevitable disruption, famine and plagues to come...

If we seek the kingdom of God and  His righteousness, we may establish a network of souls that seek the ways of Christ and do the job of the early Church appointed by Christ. We need to set aside the trivial and focus on the hope and ways of Christ.

The Kingdom of God was a network of people who actually cared about one another and their right to be ruled by God in their hearts and in their minds, in word and deed. In order for that network of people to work, they had to work and keeping in touch with one another in real ways. This was not simply isolated congregations who organized their eschatology and memorized the catechism, but it was a viable government where everyone tended to the weightier matters.

Anything that is not based in righteousness that causes division is anti-Christ.

Man-made doctrines that promote self justification are a major problem.

Apathy is also a major stumbling block. People who put things off, who think their personal desires are more important than finding other souls who are seeking the righteousness of God.

People are drowning in a world void of the true gospel. They have been sung to sleep in their churches, seduced in their borrowed affluence, deluded in their watered-down gospel.

Seeking the kingdom is an individual choice.

Are you seeking to form a society of people based on caring for one another?

Have you been taking the time to form a network, find others who are seeking that kingdom or will hear and act upon that gospel of His righteousness?

Have you become so steeped in your own theology that you fail to do what Christ said?

Christ chose to speak about the Good Samaritan. The Samaritans did not have the right theology, but the good Samaritan had a heart of righteousness. He was a doer of the word.

Time is running out.

What can you do?

Start helping one another find others who will hear and do.

Form the living network by joining the groups in your area.2

Pick someone [PCM]3 to help make contact with the others on those groups.

Seek to form Congregations of Record4 that connect one with another in their own grid of faith, hope and charity.

Don't be a foolish virgin, or bury your talent in the ground, or fail to come to the wedding feast.

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3Who are the Personal Contact Ministers http://www.hisholychurch.org/network/localcontact.php


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You cannot love your neighbor in truth if you do not know who he is.

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Seek the liberty which we have in Christ Jesus.

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