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The Covenants of the gods


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The Covenants of the gods

Covenants of the gods

The Covenant of the gods
The Covenant of the gods is a blend of Law, scripture, and History offering insight into the contractual nature of governments. An iconoclastic explication of manís past and present entanglements with the world by assent and consent, through application and acquiescence producing a rise in despotism and the decline of liberty.

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Here are descriptions of the contents of each chapters.
Covenants of the gods It is recommended that you study them in order.

Table of Contents

Holy Matrimony vs. Marriage discuses the difference between Holy Matrimony, an Ecclesiastical ceremony with no legal significance, and that legally binding covenant with the state called Marriage that is in opposition to the God given relationship of man and woman as Husband and Wife.

Law vs. Legal touches on some of the fundamental opposing principles of these two different sources of righteous authority, bondage and jurisdiction in past and present established societies.

Citizen vs. Citizen discusses at least two distinct and different types of citizenship in America today.

Employ vs. Enslave explains the fundamental differences between man's inalienable right to the sweat of his brow granted him by his Creator and his legal right to labor for another master, ruler or god.

God vs. Government speaks of the principle conflict between God's way and man's foolishness.

Heaven vs. Heaven discusses the nature of God's Kingdom in Heaven and on Earth.

Republic vs. Democracy talks of the differences between these dissimilar and opposing forms of government.

Democracy vs. Demagogue touches on the fallacies, foolishness and dangers of democracy.

The System vs. The System references the system established by man in opposition to the system established by God the Father.

Conversion vs. Reconversion discusses the significance of equitable conversion, being born again, in reference to land and labor and living in God's Kingdom.

Money vs. Mammon references the fallacies and foolishness and the fiat character of the present money systems as well as its origins and nature and why it has delivered you into destitution and bondage.

Trust vs. Faith expresses the importance of faith in The LORD God and the traps, seductions and dangers of trusting in lesser gods.

Deported vs. Departed references excommunication from the world systems and why it has been desired throughout history even unto this day.

The Charagma vs. The Card touches on the concepts of the beast and the image of the beast as well as the so called mark of the beast as it was used then and now. [What is the mark and why you have it].

The Body of Christ Vs. The Body of the State looks at the Church, the State established by Jesus the Christ, manditorially exempt from the control of man's government and churches established under the State with strict operational restrictions.

This information was condensed from the book Covenants of the gods.

Information about Setting a record that you are married at Holy Matrimony

Establishing a Church

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