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Recent " Dear Network" messages.


Being Idiotes is a Theory and Dogma but it is not the Gospel of Kingdom #100

Dear Network,

The recent article "Are Christians Idiots?" was a bit of a bait and switch and then switch back again. It also was written to expose how a little lack of knowledge can lead private interpretation by individuals, including learned theologians, far from the gospel of the kingdom. The article discusses a minor reference in Acts 4:13. I recommend if you have not read it do so now so you will understand what I will now tell you about 2 Peter 1:20.

Read Are Christians Idiots at:

2 Peter 1:20 Knowing this first, that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation.

Dogmatic Theory

Someone on the network that I have known for a long time liked the recent Idiot article.

As he promoted the article to his own network he countered his support of what was written with "Of course he [that would be me, Gregory] denounces all that would scout The Way as Abraham, Moses, John The Baptist and Jesus did and claims all should leave in one group after being excused from The tables of Satan and his ways rather than encouraging those that will clear the road of some of the bigger rocks and other bumps along The Way,, but at the same time is getting quite a network of connections all around this country and others."

There is dogmatic theory that if you get rid of your state ID and denounce the governments of the world as pagan idolatry and simply claim to be in the kingdom of God or Heaven then automatically you are a shoe in.

Of course it does not work that way.
Many who think they are clearing the way are actually muddying the waters.
In many cases they are not actually seeking the kingdom nor do they even know what it looks like. This is why it is so important to get a clear view of what the early Church was actually doing and how it actually worked. Much of the work I have done in revealing the early Church includes a detailed look at what Abraham and Moses were really doing.

This is also why the enemy of truth has done so much to keep you from knowing the history of the kingdom and its prophets.

What I say is that you should follow the example of Abraham, Moses, John The Baptist and Jesus . Abraham worked for 70 years preaching the Kingdom before he brought "many souls" out. Moses spent many years teaching the people how to care for one another during hard times before he brought the people out.
Jon the Baptist taught a kingdom of heaven based on charity and taking care of the needy of society through free will offerings which was in conformity to Abraham and Moses.
Jesus told us to be friends with the unrighteous mammon but to strive to seek the kingdom of God and His righteousness.
He did not say come out less e be partakers of their sins. That was at the end in revelations.
He told you to love one another, gather in His name which is according to His Character and ways.

Jesus even said to give to Caesar what was Caesars. But .... He also got all those who received the Baptism of His ekklesia instead of the Baptism of Herod and the Pharisees kicked out of the government of the Pharisees. The practiced "Pure Religion" by taking care of the needy of their society in a well organized network of believers. Baptism was not just dunking in water, but the point at which people committed to organizing themselves like ancient Israel. And caring for one another with free will offerings, ministers who were chosen because they were the best public servants among them...

And they did come out by the thousands at Pentecost... opting out of the social security system of the Pharisees called Corban.

They were able to do this because some men came out to set the table of the Lord and form the networks of charity and love required for a free society... The kingdom of God was a government of the people, for the people and by the people. They were ORGANIZED from the bottom up. They practiced PURE Religion because they actually took care of themselves, their families and their neighbors true needs with charity alone... They took care of one another out of love for one another as a peculiar nation through faith, hope and charity....

What they were not was a thousand cats running every which way across the desert.
They were not a scattered flock.
They were not isolated little congregations...

They were a viable alternative to a collapsing socialist imperial power.

We show in detail how that early Church set men free in spirit and in truth in a plethora of books and articles we give away freely.
But we are also working like John the Baptist to network people together so they can help one another.
The good news is that the NETWORK IS WORKING...
But we have to get the truth out to more and more so that the network will grow...

I also sent them the article as it appeared in the Kingdom Newsletter.

Are Christians idiots or are they trapped in a false doctrine that has been creeping into their thinking for hundreds of years?
The article Are Christians Idiots went out today and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.
Find out why these responses come back saying:

"Dear brother, this was excellent and so very timely."
"Then I saw your article posted on Newswithviews.com. What a confirmation!"

" Good to see you're back, especially with an outstanding article ... I'm going to use it to challenge the 200 evangelical leader..."
"your article today is a superb concise summary of the whole shebang. It distills everything to its basic essence. I love it."
"Amen! Brother...well stated!"
Are Christians Idiots?
Was Acts 4:13 saying that Peter and John were "unlearned and ignorant"?
Was the original text telling us something very different?

Was there something unique about the early Christians which Modern Christians have forgotten?

Find out for yourself.

Are Christians Idiots


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Audio file answering the question "Are Christians Idiotes" from Blog Talk Radio

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