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The Free Church Report

The Free Church Report sets a unique path for the modern Church according the nature of the first century Church  appointed by Christ to serve his flock . By explaining what that institution of Christ was doing to provide the spiritual and temporal salvation of the people we may reach an insight in our own present tribulations. The early Church thrived during the decline of the Roman empire under runaway inflation, corrupt government, martial law, and endless wars, along with the continuous moral, economic, and social breakdown. 

The early Christian were a “peculiar people” that said there was another way. The were people who sought the right to be ruled by God. They professed another king, one Jesus. They governed themselves, and relied upon a network of “called out” ministers who lived in the world, but not of it. This was the Church which served the daily needs of those who gathered together in the character and liberty of Christ. Their rights were granted by God, their benefits  were extended by charity and love. The benefits of their government did not come from men who called themselves benefactors but exercised authority one over the other. Their government benefits came through a divine network of people who sought the righteousness of God in faith, hope, and charity under the perfect law of liberty.

They truly cared about their neighbor and their neighbor's rights as much as they cared about themselves and their own God given rights. They knew that rights and responsibilities were indivisible, and love required sacrifice and thanksgiving. They formed a natural and practical network that was able to sustain them as true Christians in spirit and in truth under the dominion of God's righteousness as the unrighteous mammon of men and their governments failed.

We have much more information on how the wisdom of Christ translates into a viable alternative in hard times and good. We share this information and these services to congregations of record and ministers who conform to Christ and His ways and precepts.

This series has not yet been formatted. The Free Church Report will be added as a study series along with other manuals of the Church. Much of the material is already on the site and a free E-file of the book is available to congregations of record and anyone who cannot afford to purchase the book.

Table of Contents

The Cover of this book, The Bride of Christ

A Free Church and Free Congregation Report.

Elements of support and succor for a His Church Ministry

Studying this Material

The Church

Simple and Complex

The Precepts of the Christ define the Church

The Liturgy of the Church

The Governments of God and other gods

Church, Chapel, and Congregations

Conversation in Heaven

Unincorporated Associations

Living Altars of Men

Lively Stones of a Living Altar

One Body, One Corpus, One Church

Trusting in the Kingdom

Pacta servanda sunt, Agreements must be kept.

Election, Acceptance, Recognition and Assignment of the Church

Things to do to form a Church

Three Step Plan to organize and to form the Church:

First Step:

Second Step:

Third Step:

Numbered Outline Steps to form the Church:

Steps in Detail.

His Church Commission

Additional Assistance

To Appoint and Ordain the kingdom and the Church

An Appointment Ex Officio

Allegations of Authority by reference

Banking on the Kingdom

The Autonomous Church

The Poor Overseers of a Free Church

David and the Messiah until now, the power to discharge

Worship Services of the People

The Kingdom, a Society under God

Taking and Giving the Kingdom

A Basic Biblical Belief and Responsibility

Pure Religion of Christ vs. Impure Religion of Nimrod

The Congregation of, for, and by the People of God

The Elders of Liberty are the Altars of Earth

The Election to Give is the Eucharist of Christ

The Corpus of the Free Church

The Church is Defined by Christ

The Hasmonean Whoredom, and gods Many

The Poor Princes of of the kingdom

The Riches of the Ministry

The Kingdom of God, Q and A.

His Church and His Congregations Q and A

What is a Religious Order? Q and A

Removing scales: Additional Essays

Feeding the Sheep

The Corban of the Nicolaitan

Right Side Up or Upside Down

Temples and Churches

Investing in Diana

Debasing the Kingdom

Temples, Banks and the Brokerage House.

The Right and the Left Hand

The Kingdom Within

The Bank of the Golden Calf

The Riches of Poverty

The Royal Treasury

The Temples of Satan

Firing the money-changers

Sons of Belial

Our Father who art not in Rome

Summing Up

Appendix 1. Communion of the Kingdom

Appendix 2. Nicolaitans.

Appendix 3. Forms of the Church.

Declaration of Sacred Purpose

The Instructions for His Church Declaration of Sacred Purposes

Notification of Ministry Information

Instructions Ministry Information Form J10:37 and Form Ex 30:16

Annual Report Information Form 2Cor6:8

The Instructions : the Annual Report form 2Cor6:8

Appendix 4. Position Statement for Ministers under a Vow of Poverty

Status of no Inheritance in the world

Status of Ordained Ministers or their family in service

Appendix 5. Biblical Support of Vows

The vow of poverty

Minister Vows of the Church

The vow of chastity

The vow of faith

The vow of obedience

Appendix 6. Governing Articles

Appendix 7. An Accord for an Order of His Holy Church

Appendix 8. A Creed

Appendix 9. Position Statement

Duties, Obligations and Requirements

Special Rules and Churches

Letter of Determination

501c3 vs 508

Trusting in the Church

Special numbers for a Church?

The Beneficial Owner

The “customer”:

Overseers and the Orders

Ordained Trust

Purpose and Obligations

Appendix 10. Guidelines of His Church, Altars and Auxiliaries

Appendix 11. Ministrative Guidelines


Termination, Decommission, and Distribution.

Appendix 14. The Criteria of His Church and Congregations

Appendix 15. The Polity of the Church

Appendix 16. General Terms:

Appendix 17. Preamble to the Articles and Accord of the Church

Bound by the Directives of our Lord

Appendix 18. Seals

We offer several study series on covenants, a network of congregational charity, and a system of records to protect those seeking the kingdom from the insnarement of the covenants with men.

Series 1. Covenants, Contracts, and Constitutions
Ten part series on American constitution in relationship to history of the kingdom.

Series 2. The Covenants of the gods
15 chapters of the book The Covenant of the gods

Church and congregations



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